The Old Vinyl Factory

Fantastic location and we got lucky with the weather. Two days of glorious sunshine in the middle of March 2012, definitely not typical of West London. At the time this was a complex of abandoned factory and office buildings used previously to manufacture vinyl records by EMI. This provided us with a massive forecourt and car park tucked away from real traffic and surrounded by incredible looking architecture. Carefully framed shots, a small collection of choice vehicles and a smoke machine provides fake fumes to complete the illusion. This, my 5th Little Big Planet intro, is set on a motorway as traffic has ground to a halt.

Sadly I wasn’t permitted to fully utilise Andrew Burnard’s parkour skills on these incredible buildings, for insurance reasons, but he did a pretty good skateboard jump for us from a low loader as he is seen escaping from the back seat of a vintage Ford Zephyr. Great stunt also from Addis Williams playing a cab driver, as he uses an ejector seat to escape his taxi and land in this retro blue MG convertible.

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