How to Make a Music Promo for £10

Ok I did have a bunch of very talented musicians with their own dance moves and the use of a small kitted out studio plus the greatly talented DOP Clive Norman and his gear. The rest was achieved with a large piece of polystyrene, painted black, hence the £10, and my laptop loaded up with ‘Final Cut Pro Express’ for editing and post. The camera viewed the band through our home made polystyrene window, seen here mounted between two light stands with me lurking in the shadows. Luckily I really liked this track, so happy to listen to it the million times I had to, while directing, editing and posting for hours and hours. We created the ‘Queen of Alimony’ promo for the Holy Vessels in the summer of 2012 . Sadly the ‘Holy Vessels’ are no longer performing and Banana Park Studio, where it was filmed, is no more.

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